Fall Newsletter

A brand new Facts system, mob death reactions, tier 4 feats and balance adjustments.
Nov 18 2020

Hello Realmers,

The last few months have been focused on developing world building tools and making balance adjustments.

Facts System

Facts are key/value pairs within a world that can be set by builders, mobs, and a scheduler in the world editor. Facts can then be evaluated in conditions using the 'fact_check' operator, thereby creating conditional Room Actions, Room Checks, Loaders, Quests, and Reactions.

The Facts system can be used to create cycles such as night & day, seasons or months of the year, random events like weather changes or enemy raids on a given location, or special events scheduled to take place at a given day & time in real life.

For background and implementation examples, check out our blog post on the topic: https://blog.writtenrealms.com/facts/.

Mob Death Reactions

Many of the recent world building tool additions have come from designing boss fights on Edeus, and this is a fine example of it. Mobs can now react to their own death, and the specified reaction commands will be executed by the room that they died in. This is useful to create 'zombie' type mechanics, where the slaying of a mob spawns new undead remnants of it.

Tier 4 Feats

All four classes how have Tier 4 Feat available to them.


  • Force of Will - Break free of any effects preventing you from taking action and gain immunity to them for 5 seconds. 40 seconds cooldown.
  • Fury - Give in to your rage to double your attacks and gain 20% critical chance for 10 seconds, but your cannot take any other actions until the fury subsides. 60 seconds cooldown.


  • Martyr - Confer the blessing of the martyr on the target, healing them after 4 seconds for 2x the damage taken over that time. 50 seconds cooldown.
  • Seal - Seal the target from the physical realm for 8 seconds, making them immune but unable to act. 32 seconds cooldown.


  • Quicken - Speed up the cast time of your next spell by 3 seconds. 55 seconds cooldown.
  • Nightmare - Enemies attacked while under the effect of Sleep take 10% more damage for every second remaining for 2 seconds.


  • Fight Dirty - Deal 30% more damage to stunned or sleeping targets
  • Stunlock - Flurry now stuns the target for 3 seconds.

Balance Adjustments

In addition to releasing Tier 4 Feats, we've made some balance adjustments based on feedback we've received from players trying our new PvP System:

  • Rage now inflicts 9% of the warrior's current health over 6 seconds (changed from increasing damage taken by 10%). Damage dealt increase unchanged at 30%.
  • Barrier absorption changed from 2.25x spell damage to 1x spell damage + 30% max health.
  • Rage health cost downed from 4% per tick to 3%
  • Barrier cooldown increased from 20s to 22s
  • Brace duration increased from 4s to 6s and cool down from 14s to 20s
  • Reduce Second Wind heal from 12.5% of AP per tick to 10% and add 10% stamina regeneration per tick

Uniques Tracking

As part of last Summer's big PVP release, uniques now get awarded on a weekly basis to Edeus players. To keep track of who the current unique bearers are, we've added a Unique Tracking Page.

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