Recent Posts

Ten Years of Written Realms

A personal retrospective on the first decade of Written Realms.

Fall Newsletter

A brand new Facts system, mob death reactions, tier 4 feats and balance adjustments.

Varying Worlds: The Written Realms Facts System

Introducing a new world building system to manage variable facts about a world.

Summer Newsletter

Player vs Player, AI NPCs, Narrative Worlds, world building and gameplay improvements.

Cross-Faction Player vs Player

Written Realms undergoes a major Player vs Player update, with the addition of features to help identify and engage enemy combatants, and an incentive structure built around the outcomes.

Using OpenAI's GPT-3 to enrich NPC interactions

How Written Realms is using the latest generation of Artificial Intelligence to animate its fictional worlds.

Written Realms Spring Newsletter

New world building features - doors & keys, room actions, crafters. New content.

The Forbidden Spark

A short story set in the Unbroken World, where a young Scout in the Renisian Army tries to make sense of a terrible incident.

Doors and Keys

A deep dive into the many design nuances behind doors and keys, how they were implemented, and how they might be improved in the future.

Handrolling an RPG Stat System

A look at the design philosophy behind the Written Realms stats system, tracing its roots to legendary game titles such as World of Warcraft, Diablo and Baldur's gate.

Written Realms Winter Newsletter

New Assassin playable class, new desktop sidebar, consumables, mob ordering, new features & content!

Introducing the Written Realms Blog

A look at why and how the Written Realms blog was built.